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Hi all Folks
Hi, all Folks!
Halle Berry is here. I am a newbie here and have recently joined this great forum. I am so much happy after to be the part of thsi because making new friends and making great conversations about various interesting topics is my o one of the favorite things.
Hi, Barry [Image: 118.gif]
you here. I am glad and love to add here you wil find results from here as you have thought about his. So just stay connected and enjoy a good time and get information. Anyhow, which topic you like to select for more discussion?
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It's really great to have your welcome post here. I just really sure that to try up the best things like that would be really great I am sure. I just so much love to enjoy the traveling and really love to explore out the new places always.
This is good if you like my way of welcome here. I am much pleased and now love to know from you which kinds of places you always like to explore and which attract yo always. So share with me something really cool and impressive.
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Robbert halry, I always love to be around the great places and nature attracts me so much. The lush greenery, fresh air around, the birds and nature really near to my heart. I just so much love the beauty of the Fiji because this region is filled with nature and Costa Rica is also one of them which I love to explore. what do you say about yourself?
Berry, feeling good after seeing your quick response and love to say that I am also from those guys who love to take a breath in the fresh and cool air. Simple is that I am a nature lover and love to spend my free time close to nature always. This thing always gives nice feeling.
[Image: 8291bdce36fbc14a2b5394266eac69f3--work-q...quotes.jpg]
MUMBAI: For decades, many Indians have escaped tax and legitimised their money stashed abroad by staying 182 days out of the country every year and declaring themselves as ‘non-resident’.

The status of a non-resident Indian, or NRI, allowed them to claim such funds lying in offshore bank accounts as lawful income earned abroad. From now on, this won’t be easy.

A few days ago, income-tax authorities have added a new provision in the tax return form (ITR2) which will requ ..

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WASHINGTON: A 57-year-old Indian-American doctor has been stabbed to death allegedly by an Indian-origin patient near his clinic in the Wichita city of Kansas.

Psychiatrist Achutha Reddy, who hailed from Telangana, was found dead with multiple knife wounds in an alley behind his clinic in East Wichita on Wednesday, police said.

One of his patients, 21-year-old Umar Rashid Dutt, also an Indian-American, has been arrested and charged with first degree murder.

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