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Taj Mehal
[Image: Taj_Mahal_2012.jpg]
Taj Mehal is the India most popular and beautiful attraction. The Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan was building this Mehal for his favorite wife. If I say that this Taj Mehak is the example of one man true love then I think I haven’t said wrong. I wish in my life, I explore this fantastic place with my own eyes. What are your views about this attraction?
Really impressive view of Taj Mehal which makes me curious to go ahead and see its inner side too. I heard the history of The Mughal emperors and must say the name of Shah Jahan still known for Taj Mehal. Will make sure to go there soon to see this embodiment of love personally.
Jackson!This place new for me but i heard much time from my friends, my father, and my uncle because they explored this place and get personal experiences, Now i want to explore this place and if my life get a chance so I must visit this place.
Judah,m Must try to go there once in life and surely it will be a fun way for you to see this lovely landmark. I am sure will be a great way to have fun for you. Anyway, what else you love to see in India along with Taj Mehal?
Jylan! You have given really best suggestion and after reading your post so then I decided I must visit this place and get great experiences, I explored India's many places but I have not visited only Taj Mehal and My favorite place of India is Goa because this place too much relax and fill with a charming views any idea about this place.

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