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Film, Talk, Exhibition & Bollywood dance show

18 October 2017

17:00 hrs

Library / Foyer




Festival of Lights

Film, Talk, Exhibition & Bollywood dance show

Dr. Selina Sharma - film & talk

Shashank Goswami - Rangoli & pipal paintings

Rang de Ensemble - Bollywood Dance Show

Diwali is the principal autumnal festival in India. It is celebrated on a consecutive month of the month of Kartik (October - November). The word d? P? Val? literally means 'celebration of lights', and the festival signifies essentially a celebration of victory of good over evil, of knowledge over ignorance, of light over darkness.

The installation by Vraja Kala Sanskriti Sansthana, Vrindaban , is envisaged as a complex arrangement of ra? Ngol? decorations, s? njh? art (pipal leave paintings) and ground painting, combined with arrangements of lights to create an authentic atmosphere of the Diwali festival.

Bollywood Dance Ensemble Rang De led by Ms Zaraa Vi presented outstanding Bollywood dance shows at Carnival of Cultures, RBB Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, Potsdam Film Museum, ITB Berlin, Fujiama Night Club show, Indo-German Film Week etc. The Diwali show at the Indian Embassy in Berlin will be staged together with the hip hop dance troupe !!


17:00 hrs: Documentary film on Diwali (library)

17:15 hrs: Lecture on the Diwali celebrations by Dr Selina Sharma (library)

17:30 hrs: Rangoli, Sanjhi art & ground painting exhibition (foyer)

18:00 hrs: Bollywood dance Show by Rang De / I hate my crew (hall)

This is good for whose they want to visit this event.
Happy Diwali

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