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Wu Yuliang��s smile is very elegant:
Wu Yuliang��s smile is very elegant: his eyes are bent and his mouth is awkward. No matter what contradiction between me and any classmate, there is a flaw in my heart. As long as I listen to her ���١� laugh Marlboro Lights, then anything unpleasant is suddenly The smoke has disappeared. So, is she laughing magically? But that can vary from person to person! hee hee"! "This is the laughter of Hou Xugang, the messenger of our class. When I hear such laughter, I know that he is tricking people. It is not unexpected. It turns out that he, if he has nothing to do, will help his enemy." - The same table compiled the first poem of her, hehe, let alone, it is quite smooth, this is not, so angry that his table is tearful Cheap Cigarettes. At this time, our class claimed to be the "scientific astronomy, the next geography" university - Xu Wenlong, the savior came, he, first gave everyone a joke, see no effect, then compiled a turn Wang Bin��s story is laughed after listening. Wang Bin��s table is no about this university student, it is really "only high eight fights", what changes to idioms, self-made small poems, let the poets change their dynasty... that is his "masterpiece"! Talking about his laughter, you can really realize the meaning of the phrase "Pig Eight Rings in the Mirror - Not People Inside and Outside"! He laughed like that, "hahaha, screaming", it��s really creepy.ward, and he has a characteristic when he laughs: love to squirt water. Splashing water, it is really "flying down three thousand feet", it is not exaggerating.hehe!" Where did this laughter come from? It��s so bright, so chic, so bold Marlboro Red. Hey, it turned out that Ren Xingyu��s kid came out! He laughed more cheerfully and more freely, as if there was no trouble in his heart Newport Cigarettes. In the long years of this six years, he had tested so many tests, wrote so many compositions, and attended so many classes. It is not easy to be so optimistic. this point, my ears reminded me of the familiar laughter of the classmates: the laughter in the classroom Newport Cigarettes Coupons, the laughter during the spring tour, the laughter of the victory of the sports meeting, the laughter of the class when winning the at! Happy laughter, united laughter, full of ideal laughter! This is the laughter of my dear classmates. It has been printed on my mind and will never be forgotten, let me remember our happy class forever!

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