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"We had to enroll so many volunteers an
Public security departments across China took to social media this weekend to warn the public about the latest threat to mobile phone security Authentic Derek Grant Jersey , a nasty viral bug called XXshenqi.

Jining City Public Security Bureau in Shandong province used its Sina Weibo account to urge mobile users who receive a text message including XXShengqi "that under no circumstances should they open the link".

XXShenqi is a malicious application, or malware, that once installed hijacks a user's mobile phone.

Once the phone is hijacked, the application sends out mass text messages to everyone on the phone's contact list. The text messages deceptively use wording and phrasing, even the contact's displayed name, to trick users into clicking and downloading the XXShenqi application.

The XXShengqi malware is so far contained only to mobile devices that use the Google Android operating system. According to Analysis International Authentic John Gibson Jersey , Android holds over 90 percent of the market share for phones and other mobile devices in China.

Tencent Mobile Security Laboratory's specialist Lu Zhaohua says this is because the Android operating system is more open when compared to the Apple iOS operating system.

"The Android mobile operating system is more susceptible to viruses and malware, especially within China, because most applications are downloaded through third parties and not Google" said Lu.

"Abroad, most application downloads take place through Google's Google Play Store which requires a level of review. In regards to iOS, all applications must go through Apple before they reach the consumer."

Android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world. Unlike Apple's iPhone, the Android operating system is found on a myriad of devices from hardware makers such as Xiaomi and Samsung.

Lu says because this virus hijacks contact lists Authentic Jakob Silfverberg Jersey , it can spread very fast. Although spreading fast, Lu says there is a loophole: the virus requires users to both click and download the application. If the user downloads the application, they must also install it. If the app isn't installed, the phone isn't infected yet.

To prevent getting infected and in turn infecting others, Lu recommends users verify all Internet links and addresses sent to them via text message, even if it's from a close associate.

Lu also recommended the use of antiviral applications similar to antiviral software found on desktop computers. He points to Tencent's own security offering Authentic Ryan Miller Jersey , Tencent Mobile Manager, as one such solution.

Mobile malware is a big issue in China and abroad. Tencent reports there have been close to 90 million malware infected mobile users in China in 2014. The company also reports that there have been 327,626 known cases of malware.

NANJING, China, Aug. 21 (Xinhua) -- An August summer in Nanjing can be daunting. But 20,000 "Little limes" around the city are working long hours to keep the thousands of athletes Authentic Brandon Montour Jersey , officials and media smiling despite the heat.

"Little lime" is the name given to the volunteers, dressed in green kit, that are seemingly everywhere, to lend a helping hand.

A total of 20,000 volunteers were recruited for the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games to cover 400 positions in spectator services, competition organization Authentic Ondrej Kase Jersey , food and beverage, medical services, NOC services and other fields.

The volunteer recruitment drive was launched in October 2013 and a total of 103,000 people submitted their applications online.

After 30 interviews, some 18,000 locals were recruited Authentic Chris Wagner Jersey , together with 2000 people from other places in China and overseas.

"We planned to include 20,000 volunteers in the Youth Olympic Games and we were successful in recruiting 20,000 volunteers," said volunteer department director Shan Xiaofeng.

"We had to enroll so many volunteers and we felt it was difficult as they had to work in the summer and they don't get paid. But we got 103,000 applications. Most of the applications were from local universities. So from every six applications we chose one volunteer. We were moved by their enthusiasm."

The volunteers went through four phases of training: orientation training, specialized training Rickard Rakell Salute to Service Jersey , job training and participating in validation exercises.

"We highlighted knowledge about fire control, first aid and venue training. We ensure that the volunteers know about the functional areas they work for. We also enhanced venue training to inform them about team structures and sports knowledge," said volunteer department assistant director Wang Peng.

The Organizing Committee also devised an incentive system to keep the young volunteers happy.

"We took measures to motivate the volunteers and gave them a number of incentives. We had a number of cultural activities for them to make them communicate better and in order to build team spirit," said volunteer department deputy director Lin Wuping.

The former capital of what was once the Lanna Kingdom, Chiang Mai is now the laid-back, northern capital of Thailand. A well-preserved city Antoine Vermette Salute to Service Jersey , complete with a moat and restored portions of the old wall, this city ushers its visitors to a nostalgic past with cobblestone streets, sprawling markets and a variety of handicrafts for which the northern region has become famous.

Wat Phratat Doi Suthep
Dating to the 14th century, Wat Doi Suthep is one of the most esteemed in all of Thailand. Overlooking the Old City from the summit of the 3,500 foot Suthep Mountain, this temple completes any visit to Chiang Mai. A flight of 300 stairs leads to the chedi and marble courtyard Josh Manson Salute to Service Jersey , with a lift also in operation. The views of the city are a must-see.

A trip to Mae Sa
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