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Originally my family and neigh
Originally my family and neighbors had very good feelings, because of a contradichat day Newport Cigarettes, the weather was very hot and my father wanted to take a shower. When I got home, my father opened the water tank. "Oh, there is no water. Go to the neighbors to borrow it." Dad said with a sigh. Dad ran to the neighbor's house to borrow water Cigarette Online. Who knows that the water has not been borrowed, but has been degraded by the neighbors, saying that he is not picking, but also borrowing. Dad had no choice but to go to the well of Shili Road to pick up the water. At this time, I really hate the neighbors, the water is not borrowed, and my father is going to pick the a few days, at noon one day, I don��t know who cried. My mother and I ran over, and it was the little green of the neighbor's house who was crying. Because Mom and Dad are not at home, there is no food to eat, and they cry. My mother told me to call Xiaoqingqing to eat. I was so angry that "Let her go hungry. A few days ago, his family didn't borrow water, it hurts...". Before I finished, my mother called Xiaoqingqing herself. Xiao Qingqing just came in, I kicked Xiaoqingqing down. Xiaoqingqing fell, could not climb, and cried again Marlboro Cigarettes Price. My mother said loudly: "Li Wei, her father does not borrow water, does not mean that Xiaoqingqing does not borrow." After the mother finished, she helped Xiaoqingqing to let Xiaoqingqing eat. It is. I can be more angry now, I can't wait to give the little bastard a mter eating, I ate a big mouthful. I really thought about eating all the rice, so that the little bastard couldn��t eat, and I was hungry. She wanted to drink soup at this time, I deliberately took off the spoon and made her unable to drink soup. But my mother saw it, gave me a slap in the face, and gave the spoon to the little bastard. At this time, I felt that my slap in the face was entirely because of Xiaoqingqing, so I was mad at Xiaoqingqing. I said with a bad voice: "Little bastard, if it weren't for you, my mother wouldn't beat me." I just finished. My mother gave me another slap in the face. My tears couldn't help but fall, but my heart was more resentful of Xiaoqihe meal, my mother called me into her room. Criticize me and say: "You are performing poorly today. How can you be so selfish?" I cried and said with aggrieved: "Her father didn't even lend us water that day, isn't it very selfish?" After listening to her mother Marlboro Cigarettes Online, I am very vocal and say to me: "Children, if her father is not right, how can you pass on the hatred of her father to Xiaoqingqing? You don't think you are too selfish, too Ah Q? And her father does not borrow water. For us, he must have a reason. It may be inconvenient to say it. How can you use this narrow mind to guess otr listening to my mother��s words, I feel very embarrassed. Yes, how can I be so selfish? Why don��t I think about Xiaoqing��s feelings? I said to my mother, ��Mom, I am wrong.�� Mom I smiled and touched my head and said Marlboro Red 100S, "If you know the wrong thing, you can't do this in the future. The neighbors should be friendly and help each otom then on, I and Xiao Qingqing often study together and play small games together. Her father has become enthusiastic about us and often hides and hides with us.

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