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Dad, today I told you the best words
Dad, today I told you the best words in the world - I love yoad carefully read the three words on the paper, and the two lines of tears flowed down. Dad washed his face from the bathroom and found me. Pretending to say nothing, "I love you went to my father and said Parliament Cigarettes, "Thank ynt to the sofa and fell into mealso evokes a little bit of my memories of the pais happened the day before yesterday. Dad asked me to read the language documents several times. Of course I am not very willing. After looking at my father's unrestricted look, I had to go to school with a hard scalp Cigarettes Cheaper. After reading it for a while, the bell rang. I looked up and it was 8 o'clock. Dad said, "Son, you should go to the English interest class. "Would you like me to send you?" "No, I can go by myself." I took my schoolbag and left home. I was very happy because I didn't have to be dominated by Dad. After school, I walked downstairs and thought about it. I asked my dad to come over to pick me up or I will go. After a long period of ideological struggle Newport Cigarettes Website, I still feel that it is better to go home, but where do I know that my father also goes? Pick me up? When I got home, I found out that I didn't bring the key, knocked on the door, and no one opened the door. Oh, no way, I have to wait, I hope the stars hope that the moon finally hopes to come back. But somehow, my father staggered upstairs and saw a smile in front of me that was more ugly than I cried. I took the key from my father��s trouser pocket and opened the door. I took my father to the bed and touched it. I touched my head, it was very hot. I quickly went to the bathroom and got a towel. I dipped a little water on my father's head. I gently kissed Dad��s cheek and said softly: "I love you..."Today, the classroom is so quiet. There is no laughter in the past, and even the self-study class is nosome are writing carefully and carefully, and the students who are difficult to write have a look of grief and face. The students were on the back of the test questions, and their eyes were fixed on the book for a while, and their ears were covered with their handd at it a little. Oh, it��s still very difficult! I thought silently in my heart. But I don��t care much, I��ll start doing it right away. Suddenly, the classroom was silent, and the sound of a needle falling down could be heard Cigarettes For Sale. In addition, the students wrote the rustling of the rust, and some held the chin, arched their backs, measured their heads, and frowned. Thinking hard, some are biting the pen. Some students with poor grades, when they saw the invigilator��s failure to pay attention, turned their attention to the test paper on the same table, and found that the teacher��s stern eyes were staring at himself, and he was guilty of guiltyness. I quickly lowered my shy head and never lookaid loudly Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. As the bell rang at the end

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