Keep safe your important documents in locker..

Are you looking for a reliable postal address whereas you are assured that all your correspondence are safe and secure? NRI-Assistance provides a unique concept of post box whereas a dedicated post box for you will be allocated at our head office in Noida. Our office have 24 hours security with protection from natural and manmade disasters like fire.

Further, you will be able to leave special standing instructions for your posts for e.g. an income tax cheque or a notice can be handled as per your advance instructions. Our customer support executive will get in touch with you once we receive any posts for you.

There will a separate locker / post box for you at our office in Noida. All your posts will be secure with us. These will be forwarded or any action on these posts will be taken based on your special instructions.

Estimated time of completion : 24 hrs

Fixed Charges : Yearly charge of 100 USD (applicable only if services rendered by NRI-Assistance Services)

postbag services buy from NRI-Assistance for nri
Keep safe your important documents in locker..